Superior mayor who criticized Obama on Facebook asked to retract or resign


Bruce Hagen, the mayor of Superior, Wisconsin, is under scrutiny for critical comments he made about President Obama on Facebook, and some are calling for him to resign from office if he doesn't retract his statement.

Hagen attached his comment to a photo of first lady Michelle Obama (above), that someone else had shared on Facebook, saying:

"Unbelievable! She and her Muslim partner have destroyed the fabric of democracy that was so very hard fought for."

In an interview with KBJR 6, Hagen confirmed it was he who wrote the comment, saying he doesn't believe the president is a Christian. He also said he disagrees with many of Obama's policies.

Now, five members of the Superior City Council are calling for him to retract the comment or resign from office.

'Inappropriate' comments

Councilor Graham Garfield called Hagen's comments "really inappropriate," according to WDIO. "How can we have a non-partisan elected mayor who has to work with elected officials, including the president's office, making these comments?"

Garfield and four other members of the council want Hagen to immediately apologize and retract his comments or resign. If he doesn't, they say they'll launch an effort to recall Hagen from office, WDIO reports.

President Obama is a Christian, but some critics continue to assert he is a Muslim even though that claim has been repeatedly proven false.

Hagen is serving his fifth term as mayor of Superior after winning re-election in April.

This is his second stint in office; he first served as mayor from 1975 to 1987, then joined the administration of Gov. Tommy Thompson. After leaving state government he returned to Superior and was elected as mayor again in 2011. 

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