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Superior, Wisc., Coin store clerk shoots, wounds robbery suspect


A suspected would-be robber in Superior, Wisconsin, evidently picked the wrong coin shop to hold up.

Police say a clerk at Superior Coin and Currency on Belknap Street shot one of two male suspects who had attempted to rob the store with knives on Thursday afternoon, according to KBJR 6.

The man who was shot, an unidentified 20-year-old, was taken to the hospital with what appeared to be non-fatal injuries, the station says.

The other suspect, an 18-year-old, ran from the incident but was soon arrested, WDIO reports.

No other details from the incident are available, and it's not clear whether the clerk will face any charges in the shooting.

However, Wisconsin law provides quite a few legal protections to people in the clerk's predicament under the state's "castle doctrine."

According to the state legislature, a homeowner or shop owner who uses deadly force against an intruder in their home or place of business is "immune" from civil liability (i.e. legal consequences), as long as he or she believed that "the force was necessary to prevent imminent death or bodily harm."

The protections can also apply if the shooter "knew or had reason to believe that the person had unlawfully and forcibly entered the dwelling, motor vehicle, or place of business."

Moreover, Wisconsin law mandates that juries are not allowed to consider whether the shooter "had an opportunity to flee or retreat" the scene before using deadly force against an intruder. This is referred to as a "Stand Your Ground Law," which removes the "duty to retreat" before acting in self-defense, according to FindLaw. 

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