Survey: Millennials aren't counting on Social Security


Most people in their 20s and 30s – otherwise known as millennials – don't think Social Security will be an option when it comes time to retire.

That's according to a recent study by Wells Fargo.

The online survey got about 1,000 responses from people 22 to 35 years of age.

And 74 percent of them don't think Social Security will be around when it's time to retire.

So millennials must be saving money like crazy, right?

Not really. Wells Fargo says only about half of participants say they have a retirement plan of sorts, like a 401k – even though most agree that's a very important thing to have.

But even though millennials aren't saving up or counting on Social Security, they're optimistic.

When Wells Fargo asked what age they hope to retire, the average was 59 – significantly earlier than the traditional 65 years.

The bank says saving for retirement isn't really that hard. For a general savings plan, click here.

What's the deal with Social Security?

According to CNBC, Americans in general aren't very confident in Social Security.

However, most retirees depend on it considering it averages 38 percent of their income.

Social Security's cash flow has been negative since 2010, CNN Money reports. That means the program pays out more than it takes in via taxes.

And both CNBC and CNN Money say that the program won't have enough money by 2035, so payouts will probably be reduced.

To fix that, taxes may have to be increased and/or benefits reduced, the sources say.

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