Suspect pleads guilty in Minneapolis parking ramp assaults


A Minneapolis man has pleaded guilty to sexual assault charges for attacking two women in a downtown Minneapolis parking ramp last October.

Peijan Hodges, 22, will be sentenced March 2 and is expected to receive 15 years in prison, according to a release from Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman.

The charges stem from separate incidents that occurred on Oct. 7 in parking ramp C, just a few blocks from Target Field.

In the first one, a woman was walking from her car to the elevators when Hodges approached and asked her for a dollar. He then grabbed the woman in a bear hug, forcing her to the ground between two cars. The woman fought with him and yelled for help, and Hodges fled when a man getting off the elevator yelled at him, according to the county attorney.

Less than three hours later, a woman took the elevator in the same parking ramp and Hodges got on at level six. The woman got off the elevator at level seven and was in the driver's seat of her car when Hodges grabbed the door to keep it from closing. He took the woman's keys, pushed her into the back seat and assaulted her, the county attorney said.

"These are frightening incidents, occurring in public parking ramps during the daylight hours," Freeman said. "We are pleased that Mr. Hodges was apprehended relatively quickly and we were able to convince him to plead guilty. He will now be looking at a long stretch of time off the streets and in prison."

Another charge of fourth-degree criminal sexual conduct was dropped. Hodges had been charged for grabbing the breast of a woman in the downtown skyway on Sept. 26.

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