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Suspect jumps in lake to evade police, loses his clothes, is then arrested


A suspect being chased by Lakeville police Monday night was left red-faced – and red-bodied – after his escape plan failed spectacularly and left him almost completely naked.

Lakeville Police shared a story on its Facebook page of an unusual pursuit of a 20-year-old man wanted on six outstanding warrants, that started after they were called to an address on Lake Marion.

After confronting the suspect, police say he jumped off the end of the dock and started swimming towards the center of the lake – his parting shot at officers being: "See ya later!"

After losing sight of the swimming suspect and because they were "concerned for his safety in the frigid water," water rescue teams and a State Patrol helicopter were called in to find him.

It turns out the suspect made it out of the lake and appeared at a property on Jade Lane in Lakeville, where he managed to persuade some residents to give him a ride to a friend's house on 173rd Street.

However, his clothes didn't make it with him. He was found later wearing "nothing but tennis shoes and a mosquito net" after telling people he had been robbed of his clothing.

Police apprehended him in the house on 173rd Street – but not before he had tried to sneak out the back door.

The story went down well on Lakeville PD's Facebook page, with some commenters praising LPD for their efforts, though most were laughing at the suspect's exposure to the law.

It's not the only example of suspected criminals attempting to swim their way to freedom. Last year, FOX 2 reports that two armed robbery suspects in North St. Louis County, Illinois, jumped into a lake to escape authorities, only for their every move to be followed by a hovering helicopter.

And this past April, the Sentinel and Enterprise in Massachusetts reports that a man jumped into the Nashua River after driving with a suspended license. He was caught by police after struggling with the current.

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