Take a photo of something and Target will find you a similar product

That's not the only new feature in the Target app.

Target is getting super tech-savvy.

The retail giant recently consolidated its two shopping-related apps, bringing Cartwheel into the main Target app so customers could get the best of both worlds.

Now Target is rolling out even more new features to streamline and improve the shopping experience.

Track yourself in the store

Target has added beacon and Bluetooth technology that shows your location on the app’s map as you move throughout the store.

The point of having GPS at Target is not so you won't get lost – it's so you won't pass by any discounts.

While you're moving around the store, the app will display nearby Cartwheel deals.

It'll also be helpful if you're looking for a specific item. No more hunting down the nearest person in a red T-shirt – customers can use the app to select an item and then use the GPS to find it in the store.

“Now you’ll never have to miss out on an opportunity to save,” Target’s chief information and digital officer Mike McNamara said in a news release. “This promises to make it easier than ever to find what you’re looking for, so you can fill up your cart and get on your way.”

The technology will be live in about half of Target’s stores in time for the holidays.

Visual search tool

Target is also getting into the future of search technology: visual search.

The retailer has partnered with Pinterest to put its visual search technology known as Lens into Target’s app, and later its desktop website.

Lens makes finding what you want as easy as snapping a photo. In the Pinterest app (and eventually the Target app), you just take a photo of an object (like a pair of shoes you like), and the app shows you related ideas (similar styles, ideas for what to wear them with, etc.).

Target explains how the technology will work in its app: "Instead of typing 'modern crib' into a text search bar (and sifting through thousands of results), you simply snap a picture of your inspiration and in seconds, you’ll see a curated set of products that resemble or complement your pic."

Target boasts it's ahead of the curve as the first U.S. retailer to integrate Pinterest Lens into its app.

"Visual search technology’s been around for a while, but it’s starting to hit the mainstream in a big way – by 2020, image and speech search (think asking Siri) could make up 50 percent of all searches," the company said in a news release.

Pinterest Lens will first be added to Target's registry experience in the coming months before it's added into the Target app and desktop website.

The next step? Paying with your phone

Bullseye has another big plan for the app: Let you use it to pay.

Target says mobile payment for those with Redcards is on its way.

It's something the company's VP of digital product, Sean Murphy, discussed a bit in a blog post back in June.

In it, Murphy said shoppers in the store will be able to find Cartwheel deals and then pay with their Redcard "with a quick, easy scan of the app at checkout."

Wrote Murphy: "We’ve heard one thing loud and clear from guests: 'Keep making it easier.'"

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