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Talk about glorious: Warm and sunny weather is coming

November is typically one of our cloudiest months. Not this year.

The forecast is looking ????.

Above-average temperatures – with plenty of sunshine – are expected through the weekend. And that's pretty rare for November, seeing as it's one of the cloudiest months for Minnesota, according to the National Weather Service.

Temperatures are expected to be in the 60s in the Twin Cities Wednesday and Thursday, but it'll drop about 20 degrees Friday, before warming up again for the weekend, the weather service says. It's also probably not going to rain.

Winter is coming

The average temperature for the start of November this uear is the warmest on record for the Twin Cities, the National Weather Service tweeted. But these mild temperatures won't last forever (it is Minnesota, after all).

Snow and cold weather is in the forecast – but not for at least a week. Meteorologist Paul Huttner wrote on MPR News' Updraft blog that an air pattern could bring colder air and the chance for some snow around Nov. 19.

And some may have a white Thanksgiving, with Huttner writing one weather model shows a second chance for some snow in parts of Minnesota closer to Nov. 24. (Huttner does say that's still pretty far out, so there isn't high confidence in this forecast, but the odds are growing.)

The National Weather Service's Climate Prediction Center shows the northern half of Minnesota has an above-average chance for precipitation in the 8- to 14-day outlook. The temperature outlook for that time period however shows above-average temperatures are expected. (For context: average temperatures for northern Minnesota in the second half of November is low to mid 30s, AccuWeather's website shows).

Looking three to four weeks out, northern Minnesota is expected to have below-average temperatures, the Climate Prediction Center says.

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