Tamest parties, best football team, most selective: A look at MN colleges


It's the time of year where anxious high school seniors are awaiting their college acceptance letters, and juniors are starting to contemplate where they'll apply.

The website eCollegeFinder, using data from the 2013-14 school year, has created various maps ranking states' schools – everything from biggest party school, to winningest football program, to the most expensive dorm rooms.

Here's a look at the "top" schools by state:

Most selective college in Minnesota:

Carleton College, which accepts 21 percent of applicants.

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Most desirable college in Minnesota:

University of Minnesota – received 43,048 applications, accepts 44 percent.

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Largest universities by enrollment in Minnesota:

U of M – total enrollment of 51,853.

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Highest graduation rate in Minnesota:

Carleton College, which has a 94 percent graduation rate.

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Most expensive college dorm in Minnesota:

Carleton College – $11,982 for on-campus room and board.

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Most expensive college for out-of-state students in Minnesota:

Carleton College – $56,749

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Oldest college in Minnesota:

U of M, founded in 1851.

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Winningest football program in Minnesota:

U of M– all-time record of 661-493-44.

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Biggest party school in Minnesota:

U of M, with a college prowler ranking of 8.04 out of 1o.

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Tamest party school in Minnesota:

University of Northwestern, with a college prowler ranking of 8.79 out of 10 for tameness.

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