Target among companies boycotted for discrimination against black people

It's not the only Minnesota company on the list.

African American leaders in St. Louis, Missouri, are launching an economic boycott against corporations they say have mistreated black people – and two Minnesota companies are among them. 

A group of local clergy, led in part by the Rev. Dinah Tatman, announced the boycott in a press conference Thursday, saying it's in response to "social injustices suffered by African Americans in the region."

Target and U.S. Bank, both based in Minneapolis, are among the 12 organizations and businesses the group is setting its sights on. Here's the full list:

In a news release, Tatman cited diminished voting rights, lack of fair housing, and a "loss of equity" due to gentrification as all having "helped to erode the economic power in the black community."

Saying "African Americans will no longer be blind consumers or victims of police brutality and community neglect," Tatman and her group are calling on the community to stop doing business with the listed companies.

As the Associated Press points out, the boycott comes amid a great deal of racial tension in the St. Louis area, following the recent acquittal of a white cop in the shooting death of black driver Anthony Lamar Smith.

The organizers are calling their movement No Justice No Profit.

Why Target and U.S. Bank?

Telling community members not to shop at Target, the boycott website says the company is "stealing our legacy and trying to silence our contributions to their history!"

They're referring to an incident where the retailer used the image of Rosa Parks on some civil rights-themed merchandise, the Associated Press says.

This led to a lawsuit from the Rosa and Raymond Parks Institute, but Target ultimately won the legal battle when a federal court ruled in its favor last year. 

It's not clear why Tatman's group is boycotting US Bank, however. But as the Atlanta Black Star notes, the company has been accused of "racially biased practices" in their mortgage and foreclosure business.

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