Target brings back its 15 percent off deal for Cyber Monday – but with a big change

The Cyber Monday promotion is coming back – but with some changes.

Target offered 15 percent off everything in store and online for Cyber Monday and the day before in 2016.

Our Tip Jar writer Adam Uren argued it might have been "the deal of the year" – an opportunity to buy all the essentials you regularly would, but for way cheaper than normal.

This year, Target is scaling it back.

The retailer announced it's offering 15 percent off all purchases on for Cyber Monday 2017.


Target's 2017 Thanksgiving and Black Friday plans

That's online only, and for a single day. And remember, Target is doing free shipping on all orders this holiday season.

"What we found is while the [2016] deal was successful and very well-received last year, it really performed the best online on Monday," Eddie Baeb, a spokesperson with Target, told GoMN when asked about the reason for the change.

Baeb said Target opted to spread promotions out in different ways (such as the special weekend deals going on through the holidays) to get customers savings when they were most looking for them.


Target won't promote Christmas until Thanksgiving is done

In addition, Target's Cyber Monday deals will run all week – Target has a list of some of the upcoming discounts here, including some that will change daily beginning Tuesday, Nov. 28.

Not everything will be available for 15 percent off

Target has made a big deal over the past year about its new, more flexible online buying options. 

That includes:

Orders made through those services won't get the 15 percent off Cyber Monday promo though, Baeb confirmed to GoMN.

Restock and the Google voice shopping don't operate through specifically, so won't be eligible for the 15 percent off, Baeb explained.

The best Black Friday deals are at ... Kohl's?

And Target's curbside pickup will be shut down on Cyber Monday, because Target expects it to be very busy and they want to focus on good customer experience, he added.

There will also be some items excluded from the deal. Those will be detailed in the upcoming weekly Target ad.

Order pickup will net you 15 percent off though

In-store pickup – where you get out of your car and walk into the store to get your item – will qualify for the 15 percent off.

That's because the order goes through

How does the Cyber Monday discount work with the REDcard?

Paying with a REDcard nets you 5 percent off – so how does it stack with the Cyber Monday 15 percent discount?

The REDcard discount will be applied after the Cyber Monday discount.

So say you spend $100 – 15 percent off that is $85. And then the 5 percent off through your REDcard is applied, bringing the total to $80.75.

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