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Target Canada shoppers leave trail of debris as store closures accelerate


As Target speeds up its withdrawal from Canada, shoppers north of the border have been picking the bones clean of closing stores.

Customers posted pictures on Twitter Wednesday of the scenes in stores that have been closing, showing piles of debris left behind as people take advantage of huge discounts.

CBC News reports that 17 of the country's 133 stores closed down in the middle of March, with six closing this past Monday, 23 on Wednesday, and 32 more slated for closure on April 2.

A Target spokesman said that all of its stores in Canada would be closed by April 12 – a month earlier than planned. As a result, the retail giant cut 17,600 jobs in Canada and a further 550 at its Twin Cities headquarters.

"We are pleased with the results of the liquidation sales to date and the speed at which we have moved through the wind-down process," Target Canada CEO Aaron Alt said in a press release. "We want to once again thank all Target Canada team members for their hard work and great adaptability through this process."

The withdrawal from Canada cost Target an estimated $5.1 billion, which contributed to its $2.6 billion 4th quarter loss announced last month.

This was followed by more news of the company's ongoing transformation – that 1,700 headquarters jobs would be eliminated, all but a handful from the Twin Cities.

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