Target employee helps identify bar manager who stole TVs, liquor, cash

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Memo to business owners: When you fire a manager, get the keys.

Investigators say a new metro-area restaurant recently fired an employee who returned later to steal three new TVs, alcohol, a safe and about $3,300 in cash, the Star Tribune reports.

Luckily for the Whistling Pickle restaurant in Zimmerman, another restaurant employee also worked at Target, where the disgruntled former staffer tried to return the TVs for a refund, the newspaper reports. She tipped authorities. Police found the stolen items, valued at roughly $5,000 total, at the man's house, the Star Tribune reports.

Staffers who rip off their employers often don't get far. Brooklyn prosecutors last month said a sticky-fingered assistant manager at a T.J. Maxx store in New York stole $130,000 worth of high-end merchandise from the store and then sold it for cheap.

Also last month, a former emergency management coordinator in Pennsylvania was charged with stealing $3,850 from the borough's volunteer fire department.

And earlier this month, police in New York arrested a 28-year-old employee of an organization that runs a residential facility for people with special needs, who was accused of stealing $19,000 from the employer.

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