Target employee's hilarious 'First Week at Work' diary is a viral hit


A Target employee has become an unlikely online hit after writing a diary about his first week working at a store.

Tom Grennell has been featured in several national media outlets including Cosmopolitan, Uproxx and Yahoo News since writing his Tumblr post under the name "KimPossibooty."

His post was shared on viral images website Imgur and in the past three days it has been viewed more than 400,000 times.

Grennell, whose Facebook page says he's from California, depicts the weird and wonderful characters who pass through his Target store. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Sold a bra to the mom of a 16-year-old who was cringing the entire time.
  • A customer came through looking nervous. She leaned over the counter. She whispered to me. Someone had pooped in the baby supplies aisle. All evidence pointed to it not being a baby
  • Intimidating farmer man in overalls and pigtails came through my checkout. He bought a bucket. He spoke no words. He made no eye contact. He left me with questions.
  • An old woman bought five bottles of wine and one bottle of vodka. Her license told me she had lived through World War II. Her smile told me she was still living.
  • A customer purchased hard salami. The store sells a product called hard salami. How anyone can work or shop here with a straight face remains beyond me.
  • I met a man who looked like Harry Potter if, instead of getting out of the cupboard at age 11, he stayed in there for 15 more years with nothing but Red Bull and My Chemical Romance albums.
  • A man bought thirty light bulbs with a coupon. He told me he did not need thirty light bulbs. He just likes coupons.

Here's his full play-by-play.

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