Target has ramped up its Spanish language ads, in hopes of a holiday boost

Luring more Hispanic shoppers is one of Target's big strategies this holiday season.
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Luring more Hispanic shoppers is one of Target's big strategies this holiday season, so you might see a few more Spanish language ads than normal.

The Wall Street Journal reports the retail giant has upped its Spanish-language TV ad spending by two-thirds this year – part of a wider 21 percent boost in television spending.

The company, which has previously highlighted Hispanic families as a potentially big money spinner, is incorporating that demographic into its general marketing strategy.

This is exemplified by one of Target's holiday productions, a Broadway music-inspired ad spot called "The Toycracker" starring Marisol (as well as John Legend, Chrissy Teigen, and Bullseye the dog), which AdAge reports is aimed directly at Hispanic shoppers.

Target senior VP of marketing Rick Gomez told AdAge the company "is recognizing the importance" of television in reaching this audience, saying the medium "allows us to tell engaging, emotional stories and reach our Hispanic guests with Spanish language."

According to its website, Target's "Toycracker" ads will be broadcast in two, 4-minute parts during the network premiere of Disney's Frozen on ABC on Dec. 11.

After revealing its holiday plans last week, CNBC reported on the ways Target is hoping to jump ahead of its major rival Walmart, with a combination of store exclusives, free shipping and electronics department improvements.

It's also looking to ramp up the visual feast for customers via its collection of 2,000 seasonal gifts, which CNBC says will be part of "upgraded presentations" within stores.

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