Target in 2015: Here are some interesting numbers from its new report


Target's sales hit $73.785 billion in 2015.

The retailer, which is based in Minneapolis, put out its annual review Tuesday morning outlining the numbers from last year. After all the math (sales costs, depreciation, interest expenses and more) Target came out $3.363 billion in the black last year. In 2014, they lost $1.6 billion.
You can read CEO Brian Cornell's take here.

We went through the 84-page report and pulled out some of the interesting figures for you. (You can read the full report here if you're interested.)

26 percent of sales

That's how much of Target's 2015 sales came from "household essentials" – the largest slice of the pie. Food and pet supplies was next at 21 percent.

341,000 employees

Target had about 341,000 employees as of Jan. 30, 2016, including part-time, full-time and seasonal workers. During the holiday season last year, the number of employees peaked at about 390,000.

75 stores

Target has 75 stores in Minnesota, totaling more than 10.6 million square feet of retail space. California (272), Texas (148), Florida (122) and Illinois (90) are the only states with more.

In total, Target has 1,792 stores in the U.S.

$20-$25 million

That's how much CVS will pay Target in the first year of its pharmacy agreement, which Target refers to as an "occupancy-related payment." Going forward, CVS will pay an annual, inflation-adjusted version of this.

3.4 percent digital sales

That's how much of Target's sales in 2015 came via online – while 96.6 percent came in stores. That 3.4 percent figure is up though from 2.6 percent in 2014, and 2 percent the year before.

"What’s clear from talking to our guests is that the easier we make it to shop across all of Target – physical and digital – the happier they are," Cornell said in his letter, adding they'll continue to invest in digital capabilities.

12 of every 100 sales

The number of sales at Target paid for using one of the retailer's REDcards was 12.1 percent last year – up 0.9 percent from the year before. Take out pharmacy and clinic purchases, and that number shoots up to 23.3 percent for 2015.

$1.434B in advertising

Net advertising costs for Target in 2015 rang in at $1.434 billion, a drop from both years prior. It primarily includes newspaper circulars, Internet ads and media broadcasts.

$128M in severance

The company paid out $128 million in severance last year. The company laid off 1,700 workers at its Twin Cities headquarters last spring.

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