Target isn't actually giving out free falcons (and other fake ads)

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Don't be fooled by these fake Black Friday ads for Target that have popped up this week.

Target fell victim to some in-person trolling when a comedian hung up fake Black Friday fliers at a store recently, AdWeek reports.

The advertisements offer various deals on some popular items from the Minneapolis-based retailer, including "gifts they'll only use once," a "tent with an angry possum in it" and a deal that if you spend more than $75 you'll get a free falcon (the ad comes with suggested falcon names), among dozens of others.

They were published by comedian Jeff Wysaski on his Obvious Plant Tumblr page (see larger versions of the ads here). He told the Huffington Post he put them up at a Target in Los Angeles.

"I can't say how long they stayed up, because I'm not the one who took them down (if they have, indeed, been taken down)," Wysaski added.

Amy Joiner, who works in communications with Target, told BringMeTheNews that Target wasn't involved with the ads, adding: "We were surprised by it too, and appreciate the creativity."

This isn't the first time Wysaski has posted entertaining signs for consumers. Earlier this month, he left a ripeness guide for fruits and veggies at a grocery store:

That 50 percent off coupon isn't real either

There's another Target scam that's been floating around ahead of the holidays.

It's a coupon from the website that promises 50 percent off at Target if you like a page on Facebook.

But don't get too excited. Target officials confirmed to The Consumerist it's fake.

If you're looking for real Black Friday deals, check out Target's website here.

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