Target praised for Halloween ad featuring girl with crutches

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Target is getting heaps of "thank yous" and praise for featuring a young girl with crutches in an ad for Halloween costumes.

In the ad – for Oct. 18-24 – the girl is in an Elsa costume from "Frozen."

The initial response came from Facebook, where mother Jen Spickenagel Kroll shared the image and wrote:

"Dear Target,

I love you. Thank you for including a child with braces and arm crutches into your advertising campaign! And as Elsa, no less!"

She goes on to explain her daughter also has arm crutches, and will "FLIP when she sees this."

The post has been shared more than 5,000 times since going up this past Sunday.

Since then, sites such as UpWorthy, The Mary Sue and The Daily Dot have picked it up.

UpWorthy spoke with Kroll, who told the site about the battles her daughter has fought through (and won), as well as the lack of children with disabilities in advertising and entertainment.

With media, she said, "there is a vast emptiness of children with whom [my daughter] can relate. A Target ad with one precious little girl dressed as Elsa met her where she was and made the world a little more beautiful and friendly."

The group Changing the Face of Beauty, which encourages retailers to use people with disabilities in ads, wrote in a Facebook post that since children with disabilities rarely appear in ads like this, it makes Target's inclusion "something pretty important to talk about."

A Target spokesperson told the Daily Dot they're "committed to diversity," adding they have "included people with disabilities in our advertising ... for many years and will continue to feature people that represent the diversity of communities across the country."

Social media users have been quick to praise the Minneapolis-based retailer.

Last year, Target ran a holiday ad that included a child with Down syndrome – which led to similar accolades.

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