Target recalls dressers that have tipped over, including onto two 3-year-olds

The dressers have fallen onto two toddlers already.
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Target is recalling a model of dresser that has tipped over from the wall, including two incidents where it fell on kids.

The Room Essentials four-drawer dressers – sold in the colors black, espresso and maple – are nearly 4 feet high, and can easily tip over if not anchored to the wall properly, the recall notice says.

This has happened 12 times so far that they know of, and twice a dresser tipped over on to a 3-year-old. Fortunately in these instances nobody was seriously hurt. 

But it's a common problem. One safety advocacy group says 25,000 American children per year visit the emergency room with tipover injuries. Safe and Sound says once every two weeks a child dies in such an accident.

The most recent high-profile example is from IKEA, which recalled 29 million dressers after they tipped over and killed three kids, including a Minnesota 22-month-old.

What to do if you have a Target dresser

The recalled Target dressers were sold in stores and on from January 2013 through April 2016, at a cost of about $118. (You can see the specific item numbers here.)

About 175,000 were purchased in the U.S., with another 3,000 sold in Canada.

If you've got one that isn't properly anchored to a wall, stop using it. If you've got kids around, move it somewhere they can't get to it.

You can return the dresser to Target for a full refund.

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