Target reveals new clothing lines celebrating individual cities


Target has revealed a new collaboration that will enable shoppers to celebrate their hometown roots – fashion lines tailored towards individual cities.

The Minneapolis-based retailer has teamed up with respected designer Todd Snyder for its latest fashion line, "Local Pride by Toddy Snyder," that will see t-shirts and other products made specifically for the cities where they're sold, the company announced Thursday.

The line is being rolled out initially in Boston next week, with examples of the products on sale including a t-shirt with the phrase "Wicked Smaht," a cloverleaf tote bag saying "Boston Pride," and another shirt referencing New England's famous "Fluffernutter" sandwiches.

Snyder, who earlier in his career worked for Polo Ralph Lauren and J. Crew, is traveling across the country to research future lines, with Chicago, San Francisco and Los Angeles designs likely to follow Boston, with more cities to follow after.

So in the future Minnesota's Target stores could be filled with merchandise emblazoned with "Uffda" and "You Betcha," or maybe something commemorating the hot dish (but not grape salad).

The new line plays into Target's plan to diversify its audience by appealing more to Millennials, Hispanics and the LBGT community and tap into the growing demand among younger Americans for locally-sourced rather than mass produced products.

The Wall Street Journal said the company is chasing "trend-loving consumers" as they move from the suburbs back to city centers, hence its focus on the growth of its smaller "Target Express" stores.

After a turbulent few years, another element of Target's transformation plan is to make its stores more sympathetic to local communities, with the WSJ noting that the company wants to create the feeling of a "neighborhood store."

The newspaper adds that by selling the Todd Snyder lines locally rather than nationally, Target should avoid the problems it had when its wildly popular Lilly Pulitzer line launched and crashed its website.

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