Target shelves 'stalker' Valentine's card after complaints

The retailer is pulling a Valentine's Day card after a rash of complaints. Some upset customers call it "sinister and ugly" and say it makes light of a terrifying problem.

Target is pulling a Valentine's card from its shelves after customers complained, the Business Journal reports.

The card reads "Stalker is a harsh word -- I prefer Valentine."

A group led by Ginger Lee, who gained fame after exposing her illicit cell-phone conversations with Congressman Anthony Weiner, has been pressuring the store to drop the card.

In a report in Forbes, Lee, herself a victim of stalking, says she can't believe a major retailer like Target would carry a card "making light of a terrible thing like stalking."

Critics who say the card is "sinister and ugly" organized an online petition.

Do you find the card offensive? Did Target show bad taste putting it in stores? Share your thoughts with us below.

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