Target will finally have a store in all 50 states

The people of Vermont are crazy excited with the news.

In its 55 years of history, Target has had a store in all states but one: Vermont.

But next year that is going to change, with the Bullseye confirming on Thursday that it will finally open a store in the state, in south Burlington next year.

It follows years and years of near-misses and false starts, with previous attempts to bring Target to the state for the first time falling at different hurdles.

Burlington will be getting one of Target's smaller-format stores, coming in at 60,000 square feet and employing 75 people – so it'll have to wait a while longer for a SuperTarget.

Nonetheless, the news has caused the people of Vermont to somewhat lose it.

"I may not live in my home state Vermont any longer but this is definitely the most exciting hometown news I have ever heard," Victoria Cornell commented on Facebook. "Target, you saved the best state for last."

Why has Target missed Vermont?

It's been a long time coming for Vermont, and city planners have previously said they are regularly asked about the prospect of a Target opening in the state.

But there have been roadblocks in the way, with the Star Tribune noting that the state passed a statute in 1970 giving regional environmental commissions the power to deny large-scale projects if they don't safeguard the "environment, community life and aesthetic character of the state."

This rigid stance on large developments makes opening a store a more arduous process, and even though big-box chains like Walmart, Best Buy and Home Depot have opened stores in the state, they're not as ubiquitous as they are in a state like Minnesota, for example.

It hasn't stopped the people of Vermont clamoring for one though. A Facebook group called "Bring Target to Vermont" laid out a fairly comprehensive case for bringing the Bullseye to the state.

"We can still support local farms, local business and the local economy, all while being able to shop for sick socks," it says. "We are the only state in the entire country that doesn't have one. Step up, VT!"

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