Target's $10 teddy bear deal is an enormous Black Friday hit – again

Some Black Friday shoppers are seriously disappointed they couldn't get one.

Forget the trendy tech like the Nintendo Switch, iPhone X or 4K TVs.

Target shoppers are losing their minds over something significantly less modern:

That's a 3-foot teddy bear for $10. 

The Bullseye is offering the (admittedly very cuddly looking) stuffed animal in stores only as a doorbuster.

Shoppers apparently couldn't bust down the door fast enough to get their hands on one Thursday evening.

"When stores opened at 6 p.m., we were selling about 600 [of the teddy bears] every minute," Target said in a news release Friday morning.

They sold out in less than 2 1/2 hours at this store.

People are very serious about these bears.

And this ... come on, it's a teddy bear. 

Some people seem to be trying to take advantage. Get ready for marked-up teddy bears to show up on Ebay or Craigslist.

Zoe was lucky enough to get one, And she cared enough to buckle it in when driving home.

But the craziest part about all this? The 3-foot, $10 teddy bear has been an enormous hit for Target three years in a row now.

Target introduced it in 2015 with no real marketing or fanfare, and it sold out in minutes at some stores. It did the same in 2016, and appears nearly impossible to find already this year too.

Dani though is out here making the difficult, mature decisions.

Big ups to Dani for working through a tough choice, and our condolences to shoppers who had their hearts set on a $10 bear and couldn't get one. 

There's always next year – as long as you get to the store by about 6:01 p.m.

Target by the way has a list of other hot-selling items so far, including a Ninja coffee maker, Beats, a 34-piece Rubbermaid set (definitely an adulting purchase), the Oregon Trail card game, and more.

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