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Target's Cartwheel now lives within the regular Target app

Target has officially merged the two apps – here's why.

For years Target has featured two shopping-related apps – the Target app for browsing and buying, and then Cartwheel to search through a set of rotating deals.

It was more cumbersome than helpful. But the Bullseye has taken a significant step toward changing that.

Target has brought Cartwheel right into the Target app, the company announced. Meaning you no longer have to switch back and forth between the Target and Cartwheel apps to take advantage of what both offer.

It's a move that was promised earlier this year after a disappointing holiday sales period.

In the App Store and Google Play Store it's listed as the "Target—now with Cartwheel" app.

If you had a Cartwheel app and signed in with social media, you'll need to shift over to a Target account instead. Otherwise, Target says it "worked hard to make the change as smooth as possible" for people.

The Cartwheel app was introduced in 2013, and hit 1 million users within a few months. Forbes a year later called it a "runaway success."

TechCrunch noted the Cartwheel app has generally ranked higher on the App Store's "shopping" list than the standalone Target app.

The next step? Paying with your phone

Target has another big plan for the app: Let you use it to pay.

As mentioned in the app merging announcement, Target said mobile payment for those with Redcards is on its way.

It's something the company's VP of digital product, Sean Murphy, discussed a bit in a blog post back in June

In it, Murphy said shoppers in the store will be able to find Cartwheel deals and then pay with their Redcard "with a quick, easy scan of the app at checkout."

Wrote Murphy: "We’ve heard one thing loud and clear from guests: 'Keep making it easier.'"

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