Target's Neiman Marcus collection fizzles, prices cut


In a marked change from previous special-offer designer collections at Target, this year's Neiman Marcus collection is not flying off the shelves.

Target has now slashed prices by 50 percent on the goods created by 24 notable designers under the Neiman Marcus label, the Star Tribune reports.

It's been almost three weeks since the splashy unveiling of the Neiman products, but most of them remain on the shelves at Target, and available online, the Pioneer Press reports. "I guess I was looking forward to a much cooler offering from these designers," Maivneng Yang, a senior fashion student at the University of Minnesota, told the newspaper.

It's been a notable change from the website-crashing demand that overwhelmed Target when it offered a line of Missoni products last year.

Target officials have said its not fair to compare the Neiman and Missoni collections. The store offered far more inventory on the Neiman line to better meet demand than in past special-collection rollouts.

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