Target's 'Stranger Things' Christmas sweater has been a huge hit

The CEO of Netflix helped the sweater's surge in popularity.
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Hands up if you unsuccessfully tried to buy one of these sweaters on Cyber Monday?

If you did, you'll probably have found the Stranger Things "ugly" light-up Christmas sweater was unavailable for shipping, with shoppers instead directed to a handful of Twin Cities stores that had some left.

If you check on Tuesday, there's no store within 100 miles of the Twin Cities that has the $32.99 sweater in stock.

"This has been a popular item this season and we are working to replenish stock both online and in stores," a Target spokesperson told GoMN.

Like the Science Museum of Minnesota with its brontosaurus hoodie, Target is finding huge consumer demand for anything related to Stranger Things.

Far from being ugly, the Christmas sweater modeled on Joyce Byers' (played by Minnesota's own Winona Ryder) Christmas light communications with her missing son is just damn beautiful.

It was given a boost last month, Target says, from the unlikeliest of sources – a Netflix financial earnings call.

Normally these calls are viewed mostly by investors, analysts and business journalists as company executives provide an update on their progress.

But CEO Reed Hastings generated national headlines when he donned one of the Target sweaters towards the end of the call.

It's one of a suite of Stranger Things stuff Target has been selling before and since the second season of the popular show went live on Netflix on Oct. 27.

Target won't reveal specific sales of the sweater, but did say all of its Stranger Things products have been popular this season.

Those hoping to get their hands on one in time for Christmas parties will have to hope Target re-stocks soon. 

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