More state refunds are on the way to Minnesota taxpayers


The good news is that some Minnesotans became eligible for additional tax relief this year, thanks to a tax relief measure passed in the middle of filing season by the state legislature. The bad news is that the process of issuing refund checks has been a slow one.

The Star Tribune reports the state revenue department is reviewing the returns of 260,000 Minnesotans who might qualify for extra tax rebates. The department has already manually reviewed about 52,000 of the tax filings. An estimated one in 10 filers is eligible for the new tax breaks.

The Pioneer Press reports that some taxpayers who qualify for the state's new income tax breaks will receive refunds. Others will be notified and asked to provide more information by June 27. If you don't hear from the department by June 27, you probably were not affected by the new tax regulations.

“We are making progress,” said state Revenue Commissioner Myron Frans.

Revenue officials are reviewing individual income taxes filed before the $444 million tax relief package passed; it included millions of dollars in retroactive tax breaks. Revenue officials asked taxpayers to delay filing while the bill was pending and then hurried to get the changes on the books as completed tax returns started pouring in. More than 1.1 million Minnesotans filed their taxes after the new tax law took effect April 1, which means their filings would have come in under the new laws and would not require further action.

The income tax changes also will affect property tax refunds for homeowners and renters. Legislators are considering an additional $100 million in property tax relief for which taxpayers would have to adjust their claims. Revenue officials will begin reviewing property tax refund applications after the legislative session and once they finish sorting out income tax rebates.

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