Tax cuts, the sequel: House OKs another $103 million


Let there be no mistake: tax cuts are popular.

Just look at the Minnesota House of Representatives. A couple of weeks after approving a tax cut package of more than $400 million, House members went back for more on Friday.

In a unanimous vote, 125 representatives approved $103 million worth of additional tax relief, KSTP reports. The new package is focused on property taxes, which comprise $45 million of the cuts. The beneficiaries of lower taxes will include homeowners, renters, farmers, and other business owners, the station says.

DFLer Ann Lenczewski of Bloomington chairs the House Taxes Committee and is the bill's author. She tells the Star Tribune the tax relief will fuel Minnesota's economic expansion while maintaining a stable budget for the future.

Needless to say, unanimous votes are pretty rare at the Capitol. Session Daily notes that bipartisan support for the new tax plan was assured once Republican amendments were adopted by the DFL majority.

In keeping with the new-found unity, Session Daily quotes a lawmaker from Minneapolis, DFLer Jim Davnie, celebrating the $18 million the bill would save farmers on their property taxes. Davnie, who chairs the Property and Local Tax Division says farmers are getting squeezed by rising land values and falling commodity prices.

The cuts contained in the measure that Gov. Mark Dayton signed into law in March came largely from bringing Minnesota's tax code in line with credits and deductions made at the federal level.

The tax relief and an additional $332 million in spending the House approved on Thursday had their path through the legislature greased by the state's $1.2 billion budget surplus.

Here's the full text of the tax bill House members approved Friday.

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