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Tax documents show Dayton earned more than $343,000 in 2012


Gov. Mark Dayton voluntarily released his 2012 income tax return documents on Tuesday, a practice he's followed since 2010, that showed he earned $343,234 last year.

The majority of Dayton's income came from dividends and capital gains, which summed up to $130,291, the Star Tribune said.

The governor, whose family grew wealthy from a chain of department stores, also received $92,381 from a family trust on top of his gubernatorial salary of $116,125.

The tax forms indicated Dayton donated $1,000 to charity last year, which is significantly less than the charitable contributions he made in 2009 and 2010, City Pages pointed out.

Dayton also paid $89,000 in taxes -- $64,157 in federal taxes and $24,990 in state taxes.

The Pioneer Press says next year, if the governor makes more than $150,001, he'll pay a 9.85 percent state income tax rate, which was part of the tax increase on Minnesota's top earners championed by Dayton.

Minnesota Public Radio posted a copy of the Dayton's tax form.

Dayton is running for re-election next year. His GOP competitor state Sen. Dave Thompson of Lakeville also made his tax documents public Tuesday that showed he and his wife made $198,322 last year, with more than $20,000 donated to charity. Thompson paid about $40,000 in taxes.

The Star Tribune offers a copy of Thomson's federal return.

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