TBT to that time Kojak urged Americans to visit Duluth

"Duluth, who loves ya, baby?"

Here's a Throwback Thursday for anyone who likes seeing Hollywood actors speak fondly of Minnesota.

The actor in this case is Telly Savalas, the lollipop-munching star of TV detective series Kojak and one of four actors to have played James Bond's arch-nemesis Blofeld (in On Her Majesty's Secret Service).

He's probably not the person you'd think would appear walking the halls of Glensheen Mansion in a travel commercial for the city of Duluth.

"Duluth, who loves ya, baby?" Savalas says, citing his famous Kojak catchphrase, after telling the camera he'd recently visited Switzerland, Scotland and Mexico, but really should have been in Duluth all along.

"For all of you Millennials out there, this is what a man looks like," is one of our favorite comments on the video.

The commercial was possibly shot in 1984 (any further clarification from our readers would be helpful), which was the same year Savalas married Duluth native Julie Hovland.

Together they had a child, Ariana, who is now a singer, songwriter, burlesque performer and comedienne based in L.A.

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