Tea for two: Indeed and Dangerous Man team up for tea-infused ales

It's the second beer in Indeed's new Flock Together series.
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What could be better than beer from a Minnesota brewery? How about a beer created as part of a collaboration between two head brewers.

That's what Indeed Brewing is up to lately – teaming up with other brewers to create unique beers as part of their Flock Together series. The first beer of the series, a mashup with Duluth's Hoops Brewing, came out in February.

Now, Indeed has announced its second pairing, this one with Dangerous Man Brewing. And for this collaboration, head brewers Josh Bischoff and Rob Miller found inspiration from a flavorful, aromatic ingredient: tea.

The guys headed to Tea Source in Roseville and each created their own signature blend – Indeed's Bischoff chose black tea, apple pieces, cocoa peel and vanilla for his blend, while Dangerous Man’s Miller mixed rooibos, apple pieces, orange peel, cocoa bits, cinnamon and cloves.

Then the two brewers chose a rich Amber Ale as a "harmonious backdrop to highlight both tea blends," the release says.

Indeed's version of the collaboration is expected to have rich caramel and raisin notes with flavors of vanilla and chocolate. It'll be poured for the first time at Whirlygig 2017 on Friday, May 19, before becoming available in bars and restaurants.

And if you love tea, Bischoff's Tea Source blend will be available for sale in limited quantities.

Dangerous Man Brewing will also release their version of the Amber Ale and tea collaboration on Friday, May 19 in their Northeast taproom.

Future collaborations in Indeed's Flock Together series are planned with Gamling & McDuck Winery (this beer will be part of Indeed’s sour program, too), Tattersall Distilling, and Hoops Brewing (again).

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