Teaming up with iconic British designer, Hunter, Target will start selling 'wellies'

Hunter is known for its fashionable rain boots.

Ever thought rain boots could be fashionable? If not, you probably haven't come across Hunter before.

The British outdoor-wear maker has is known for its iconic rain boots (or as they're called over there, "wellies"), which are particularly popular among those heading to the dozens of soggy, mud-soaked summer music festivals across the Atlantic.

Its boots became a must-have among festival-goers in 2005, when fashion legend Kate Moss was spotted wearing a pair at the Glastonbury Festival.

Now it's reaching into the U.S. via a collaboration with Minneapolis-based Target, which will start selling its trademark Wellington boots as well as 300 more items in a collection that goes live next month.

Expect to find Hunter's trademark rain boots and backpacks, and a whole manner of other outdoor and camping accessories, including hammocks, sunshades and coolers.

It'll only be a limited-time collaboration, with Hunter gear available online and in stores between April 14-June 14. REDCard holders get a chance to buy early from April 7.

Prices will range from $5 to $80.

Minnesota's winters are frozen and its warm seasons are reasonably dry, so don't expect to see Hunter boots everywhere this summer.

They'll probably sell a crap-ton in Seattle though...

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