Teams slotted 6th in NBA lottery: How many moved up? Who did they take?

The 2003 Grizzlies got lottery luck and jumped from sixth to second. They took Darko and traded him to Detroit.

The Timberwolves will pick sixth unless they move up or down in tonight's NBA Draft Lottery (7 p.m. on ESPN). There's a 43.9% chance they stay at No. 6 and an 18.3% chance they jump into the top three.

Of the last 20 lotteries, the team with the pre-lottery sixth position has stayed put eight times, moved up five times and dropped seven times. Here are the teams that moved up and who they picked.

  • 2011 Nets: Enes Kanter, third pick
  • 2010 76ers: Evan Turner, second pick
  • 2009 Grizzlies: Hasheem Thabeet, second pick
  • 2005 Bucks: Andrew Bogut, first pick
  • 2003 Grizzlies: Darko Milicic, second pick (traded to Detroit)

Of the seven times a team dropped from sixth, none picked lower than seventh. Here's who those teams picked.

  • 2014 Lakers: Julius Randle
  • 2013 Kings: Ben McLemore
  • 2008 Clippers: Eric Gordon
  • 2007 Wolves: Corey Brewer
  • 2001 Nets: Eddie Griffin
  • 2000 Wizards: Chris Mihm
  • 1999 Wizards: Richard Hamilton

Teams that stayed put at No. 6 selected:

  • 2016 Pelicans: Buddy Hield
  • 2015 Kings: Willie Cauley-Stein
  • 2012 Nets: Damian Lillard (traded to Portland)
  • 2006 Wolves: Brandon Roy (traded to Portland)
  • 2004 Hawks: Josh Childress
  • 2002 Cavaliers: Dajuan Wagner
  • 1998 Mavericks: Robert Traylor
  • 1997 Celtics: Ron Mercer

Here are the chances the lottery gets the Wolves the following pick:

  • No. 1, 5.3%
  • No. 2, 6.0%
  • No. 3, 7.0%
  • No. 6, 43.9%
  • No. 7, 33.1%
  • No. 8, 4.5%
  • No. 9, 1.8%

If the Wolves don't move up, there appears to be a good chance they'll trade the pick. More on that right here.

Of the last 30 players selected sixth overall in the NBA Draft, only Damian Lillard, Brandon Roy, Richard Hamilton, Wally Szczerbiak, Antoine Walker and Tom Gugliotta have went on to make it to an All-Star Game.

The rest are pretty blah, unless you have an unhealthy fascination with the likes of Bryant Reeves and someone we're all probably related to, Doug Smith.

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