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Tech bullseye: Target adds digital advisory team, 50 software engineers


Of late, Target has been known for its troubles with technology, harkening back to the holiday troubles it had with the massive data breach, which proved to be both costly and embarrassing. In keeping with its promise to update and reboot its systems, Minneapolis-based Target today made two major announcements regarding its technology systems.

On its website, Target announced that it has formed a four-person digital advisory council that includes some heavy hitters from the online world. The quartet, which Target termed "big thinkers," includes Sam Yagan, CEO of The Match Group, which oversees OKCupid and, Roger Liew, chief technology officer of Orbitz Worldwide, Amy Chang, CEO of Accompani and former Google Analytics lead, and Ajay Agarwal, managing director of Bain Capital Ventures. They will meet quarterly.

“This new group is bringing their tremendous talents and experience to help guide Target’s strategies and tactics.” said Casey Carl, Target’s president of omnichannel.

The Business Journal quoted a Target spokesman who said the experts are being paid, but didn't provide specifics.

The Star Tribune reported that the discounter will add "at least 50" more software engineers to shore up the company's website and its mobile products. Most of the new hires will be based in Minneapolis, with some working in San Francisco where the company opened a tech center last year. Target is promoting its Careers website for candidates interested in the positions.

On its ABullseyeView website, the company noted that " transformation is one of Target’s top three priorities." Target has been criticized for not quickly adapting and innovating online. Analysts have noted that it was slow to allow customers to buy a product online and pick it up in a store. The new leadership of the company has promised a more nimble structure to allow the company to change and adapt more quickly.

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