Teen driver crashes pickup truck through Woodbury storefront


A teenager who just got a driver's permit drove through a Woodbury storefront Sunday afternoon, leaving at least five people inside the store injured.

KSTP reports it sounded like a "bomb went off," when a young driver drove through the window at the Play It Again Sports store on Weir Drive.

Three of those injured were sent to the hospital with minor injuries, the Star Tribune reports.

Authorities tell KARE 11 bystanders provided aid until first responders arrived on the scene.

A local shop owner in the area tells KSTP a similar accident happened in the area a year ago, when an elderly woman drove through a nail salon storefront.

Woodbury police continue to investigate, and no charges have been filed.

An adult driver was in the car; it's required by Minnesota state law for permitted drivers to have a licensed adult in the vehicle with them to supervise.

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