Teen driver 'lucky' after metal bar smashes through windshield

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Hopkins Police are looking for the owner of a large chunk of metal that shattered a driver's windshield.

Police wrote on Facebook the driver and passenger were "lucky" to escape injury after a metal bar smashed through the windshield, adding the danger of a load that's not secure "is very real and almost turned this situation tragic."

The incident happened last weekend near 17th Avenue South and Excelsior Boulevard, KSTP reports. The hunk of rusted metal just missed the teenage driver.

And now police are trying to figure out what type of vehicle the object came from – and it if flew off the vehicle or fell from it, the news station says.

Commenters on social media say it looks like a support bracket from an air suspension on a large trailer or semi-truck, and because

" target="_blank">it looks old and rusted, it was probably scrap metal.

Police noted in a comment on Facebook that because there is a lot of truck traffic through Hopkins, it'll be unlikely they'll find where it came from. But anyone with information is asked to call the Hopkins Police Department at 952-258-5321.

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