Teen makes false fire report to impress girl, get a date


An 18-year-old West Fargo high school student called in a false fire report in an effort to get a date with a girl, but now he faces criminal charges.

The girl had told him that she'd go out with him if he could get her dance line practice canceled Wednesday afternoon at a community center, so he called in two false fire reports, WDAY in Fargo reports.

(In his Newscut blog, MPR's Bob Collins puts it well: "Oh, son!")

Of course, police and fire crews found no fire, so they traced the calls, made from two West Fargo businesses. Police tracked the caller with the description of a partial license plate number of a vehicle seen at both places, the Fargo Forum reports.

Police were not amused. "To have resources tied up on false calls is depriving those resources of potential other, real emergencies, and may make the difference of a house that burns or somebody being seriously injured." West Fargo Assistant Police Chief Mike Reitan told KVRR in Fargo.

A report was sent to the Cass County Attorney’s Office for a possible charge of harassment, and the teen, who would be charged as an adult, faces up to a year in jail and a $3,000 fine, Forum reports.

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