Teens sentenced over Waseca high school bomb plot

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While prosecutors fight to restore attempted murder charges against would-be Waseca school bomber John LaDue, two teens accused of being his accomplices have been handed their punishment for allegedly helping him.

The former Waseca high school students, both 18, reportedly pleaded guilty last week to possessing explosive materials.

According to the Associated Press, prosecutors said the two assisted LaDue in detonating "test" explosives around Waseca, resulting in property damage. The AP notes both will be on a "form of probation" for their offenses.

Meanwhile, Waseca County prosecutors are urging a Minnesota appeals court to reinstate the attempted murder charges against LaDue. A judge last summer dropped four counts of attempted murder against the youth – on the grounds that his bombing plot never went beyond the planning stages into something more serious.

But prosecutors argue the explosives he collected and his nine months of planning go far past simply having violent thoughts. The criminal complaint against LaDue claims he plotted to murder his mother, father and sister before bombing Waseca Junior and Senior High School and going on a rampage against fellow students.

A 180-page notebook detailing how LaDue planned to use firearms and explosives to carry out his schemes is included in the evidence against him.

Why the lighter sentence for his two alleged accomplices? Authorities don't believe they were aware of LaDue's murderous plans. According to the AP report, they'll be required to write letters of apology and perform community service.

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