Text message saves woman trapped in upside-down car after crash


The Minnesota State Patrol says a woman from northwestern Minnesota is "very lucky" to be alive after a rollover crash that left her trapped out in the cold for a few hours.

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Lt. Tiffani Nielson told BringMeTheNews Jolene Mammen was on her way to work in Pennington County just after 6 a.m. on Valentine's Day. She was driving on Pembina Trail, which the State Patrol describes in a Facebook post as a "rural, not-often-traveled road" near St. Hilaire.

Then Mammen hit an icy patch on the road and lost control. The car rolled over and landed upside down in the ditch, officials say. Temperatures were frigid.

The woman lost consciousness. Nielson said about two hours later, the woman woke up and tried to call her husband, but he couldn't understand what she was saying. So Mammen sent him a simple text message – "help."

Mammen's husband dialed 911 and set out to search for his wife. He found her just five miles away from their home in the overturned car, officers say.

Then a trooper arrived and called an ambulance to take the woman to the hospital. Officials say the woman just had a broken wrist.


Outcome could have been 'very different'

Nielson told BringMeTheNews the outcome could have been "very different": Had Mammen not been wearing her seatbelt, she could have been "tossed about the car" and severely injured.

The woman was also dressed for the weather and was able to find her cellphone to call for help. Nielson notes that phones typically get lost in the car during crashes.

Authorities remind people to wear their seat belts every time they get in a vehicle.

"No one anticipates going off the road," Nielson explains.

She says it's also important to dress for the weather, keep a phone in a pocket so that if you do crash, you can find it to make a call. She says it's also a good idea to keep water, high calorie snacks, jumper cables and matches in the car. And don't try to walk away from the vehicle, especially in rural areas.

Below are a couple more photos the State Patrol posted of the rollover.



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