Texting, eating and arguing while driving: More than 900 cited in crackdown


More than 900 citations were handed out to motorists in Minnesota during a crackdown on texting while driving last week.

The Minnesota Department of Public Safety on Friday released the results of its six-day operation that saw police departments across the state pull over distracted drivers – and it appears to be a growing problem.

In all, some 909 drivers were cited for texting or using the internet while driving between April 13 and 18, compared to 550 drivers who were cited over a 10-day enforcement period last April.

But drivers were also punished for a litany of other unsafe driving practices – which includes reading a newspaper while driving, eating an ice cream, and in one case a woman rolled through a stop sign while arguing with her boyfriend.

Over the past five years, texting while driving citations have almost quadruped, with just 847 handed out in 2010 – and 3,200 in 2014.

"From texting and driving citations to other distractions, the distracted driving campaign reveals an alarming number of people who are putting themselves and others in harm’s way," said Donna Berger, Office of Traffic Safety director.

Minnesota State Patrol was tweeting horror stories of those it had pulled over during the crackdown, and we shared some of the most shocking of them last week.

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