TGIF (Thank Goodness It's Frozen): Uber is delivering ice cream today


Want ice cream from a popular Twin Cities' ice cream parlor but just can't break away from your work day?

There's an app for that – and it might already be on your phone.

On Friday, Uber is teaming up with Izzy's Ice Cream to deliver frozen treats to their customers in Minneapolis and St. Paul for a one-day-only, five-hour promotion called #UberIceCream.

In a news release, the ride-sharing company says those interested have between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. to open up their Uber apps, set their locations and "slide over to ICE CREAM," place their orders – and get their frosty snacks delivered curbside "within minutes."

4 "pieces" of ice cream will run you $20.

According to City Pages, Uber is warning its customers that demand will be high and availability limited.

The paper says the promotion, which is also underway in a number of other cities across the world, is being "orchestrated" by Capital One.

A look at some of the social media chatter below gives an idea of what people think of their Uber drivers ferrying ice cream, and some of the curious ways in which it's being delivered:

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