Emotional letter from school official praises student walkouts

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A director for Minneapolis Public Schools' Board of Education has penned an open letter saying she supports the walk outs and demonstrations students have held in response to fatal police shootings.

"I am deeply stirred by the leadership and solidarity so many of you have shown in standing up to say Black Lives Matter," Tracine Asberry wrote. "I can’t tell you how heavy it weighs on me that you – like me, like my parents, and like my grandparents before them – still need to convince people that Black Lives Matter, in the 21st century."

Asberry – who has a masters degree in elementary education and a doctorate degree in critical pedagogy, according to her bio – also read the letter out loud and put the video of it on YouTube.


In it, she cites the walkouts at some schools following the fatal shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, as well as recent walkouts and participation in #Justice4Jamar demonstrations in Minneapolis, as reasons she is expressing her "gratitude and respect."

"THANK YOU for waking us up. Thank you for calling us out. Thank you for giving us an opportunity to do better," Asberry writes. "Most movements for justice around the world have been led by young people. So I want to celebrate your courage in upholding this tradition."

She also calls on adults in the community to show they're supporting and "fighting like hell" for youths, while also telling the students the adults are "protecting, nurturing, learning from, and uplifting you."

Protesters still outside 4th Precinct

Demonstrators were still outside the Fourth Precinct in North Minneapolis Tuesday, according to Unicorn Riot.

There was also a rally at City Hall, which Black Lives Matter Minneapolis posted about on Facebook.

Earlier that day, Gov. Mark Dayton called on protesters to "move on" from the space, a similar request made by U.S. Rep. Keith Ellison and Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges Monday.

The congressman and mayor said there are safety concerns in the neighborhood because of the occupation, while on Twitter Ellison tried to encourage the activists to take the next step.

Black Lives Matter said Monday they would not leave until the video of Jamar Clark’s shooting is released.

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