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That fox suspected of biting 2 people near Lake Harriet was rabid


It turns out the fox that's believed to have bitten two people in Minneapolis this week was rabid.

The first incident happened around noon on Tuesday, and the second happened Wednesday around 5:15 a.m. Both fox-bite victims reported they had been near Lake Harriet.

According to a news release, the animal was captured in that area and "humanely" euthanized.

The fox was tested and the results came back positive for rabies.

The latest email news release says everyone who came in contact with the fox "have had their exposure evaluated by the Minnesota Department of Health and are receiving appropriate care from their healthcare provider."

The Department of Health says that in Minnesota, rabies is most commonly found in skunks and bats.

Other wild animals – and even pets – can become infected if bitten by a rabid animal.

What if you get bit by an animal?

If an animal bites you – whether it's a pet or wild animal – the Department of Health says you should wash the wound immediately and make an appointment with your doctor.

It's also important to call animal control or a local police department.

And if a wild animal bites a person, standard protocol is to euthanize the animal so that it can be tested for rabies.

The process is different for pets.

If a dog or cat bites someone, the animal is usually confined for 10 days and observed for signs of the illness.

But that doesn't work for wild animals because their rabies incubation period is not the same.

Now if a wild animal bites your pet, you should call your veterinarian or the Minnesota Board of Animal Health at 651-201-6808.

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