That kind of day: Semi hauling deicer among spinouts, crashes


Somewhat symbolic of Friday's icy road conditions around the state, a semitrailer truck hauling a deicer slid off Interstate 94 and tipped over near Evansville in west-central Minnesota.

The crash caused a lane closure that was slowing traffic. Highway Patrol Trooper Sgt. Jesse Grabow got a shot of the truck, carrying a chemical used to strip ice off airplanes, which Grabow said did not spill the chemical cargo:

It was that kind of day on many state roads, especially in central and southern Minnesota, the Star Tribune reports. Highways were made slick by wintry mixes of freezing rain and sleet as temperatures in much of the state hovered near the freezing mark.

Minnesota Department of Transportation officials reported at least 15 spinouts and crashes along I-94 before dawn from St. Cloud to Alexandria, and other 10 were reported on state and county highways running parallel to that same stretch, just south of I-94, the Star Tribune noted.

During the morning commute, a crash on I-94 east of the Twin Cities for a time blocked two lanes and slowed traffic coming in from Hudson, Wisconsin.

Grabow, a patrol communications officer, has been busy the last few days, as troopers responded to one spinout and crash scene after the other. Among the trucks in trouble were these competitors:

It was not welcome news that Minnesota cities and towns are running low on road salt, and they are starting to cut their salt use by mixing in sand, the Pioneer Press reports. MnDOT through January dumped 178,000 tons of salt on roads, 60 percent more than last winter, the newspaper reports.

Good news: Warmer temps are on the way Sunday and Monday, after a cooler Saturday. For the metro:

A quick look around the state:

Friday: Wintry mix, high 30, low -4. Saturday: Mostly sunny, high 24, low 9. Sunday and Monday: High 39.

Friday: High 40, low 15. Saturday: Mostly sunny, high 29, low 11. Sunday: High 40. Monday: High 46.

Friday: Slight chance flurries, high 25, low -5. Saturday: Mostly sunny, high 23, low 11. Sunday and Monday: High 39.

Friday: Wintry mix, high 33, low 4. Saturday: Mostly sunny, high 23, low 21. Sunday: High 42. Monday: High 43.

Friday: Blustery, high 19, low -5. Saturday: Mostly sunny, high 24, low 15. Sunday and Monday: High 40.

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