That was fast: Work on the Duluth Lift Bridge finishes early

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Replacing the wire ropes on Duluth's iconic 1905-era lift bridge was supposed to take a month.

Instead, it took about half that.

The city said work was completed Thursday, well ahead of schedule, and both lanes on the bridge are now open to traffic.

During the work, traffic was reduced to a single lane, with signals on either end of the bridge alternating the Duluth-bound and Park Point-bound vehicles. Occasionally, they had to stop traffic for up to 15 minutes at a time while the contractor – Lakehead Constructors – moved materials.

That's all done now however, and the city thanked its residents for their patience during the project.

Workers had to replace the wire ropes that raise and lower the bridge. The website says the bridge typically gets a new set of 12 cables every 18 years.

February is the time to do it, since the lack of ship traffic means there’s no need to raise or lower the bridge. The last vessel of the season, the Paul R. Tregurtha, passed under the bridge and into the port of couple of weeks ago, Duluth Shipping News reported.

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