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Same-sex marriage celebrations kick off tonight

Gay couples and wedding guests will fill Minneapolis City Hall late Wednesday night in anticipation of the first legal same-sex marriage ceremonies set to begin after the stroke of midnight.

Mayo to Minn. staff with domestic partners: Get married or lose benefits

Mayo Clinic for 13 years has offered health insurance to the partners of its employees in same-sex domestic partnerships – but that is going to change now that Minnesota has legalized same-sex marriage.

KDWB's Ryan under fire from State Education Dept. over disparaging Twitter posts

Ryan re-tweeted some insulting sentiments about a number of cities and high schools.

Minn. teen leads U.S. geography team to world championship win

The United States won the 11th National Geographic World Geography Championship Wednesday in Russia under the guidance of a sharp 15-year-old from Sartell, Minn.

Sen. Franken's press aide among Capitol Hill's '50 most beautiful'

Alexandra Fetissoff – No. 16 on the list – has lived in 11 states, but never in Minnesota, reports the congressional newspaper The Hill in its 10th annual most-beautiful feature.

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