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More snow expected for rush hour; blizzard warning in effect Thursday

There will be just enough snow to cause some headaches during today's P.M. commute. Tomorrow: some parts of the state will see blizzard conditions.

Body presumed to be missing 'U' student recovered from Chicago River

A body presumed to be the 21-year-old U of M student who attempted to rescue her friend from the Chicago River has been recovered.

The Zimmer File: What are the Vikings getting?

Mike Zimmer, former Cincinatti Bengals' defensive coordinator, has been hired at the Vikings new head coach.

Former Minnesota TV anchor high on CNN?

CNN’s Anderson Cooper had some fun with the former Twin Cities newswoman’s “contact high” as she reported from Colorado.

The Top 10 most dangerous jobs in America

Thousands of Americans risk their lives everyday at work. According to a new analysis, the deadliest job in the U.S. pays an average salary of $35,000 per year.

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