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Schools scramble on 'wind chill days': How do they make the call?

The bitter cold is back in the forecast for Monday, but school officials have not leapt to cancel school yet. There is a lot at stake with the decisions. Parents face last-minute scrambles to make child care arrangements and school district officials are mulling whether or not they'll have to add more school days in June.

Patient faces charges in death at St. Peter security hospital

A 31-year-old patient at the Minnesota Security Hospital in St. Peter is facing murder charges in the death of another patient. Darnell Dee Whitefeather is accused of killing another patient inside the hospital.

Minnesota ranks No. 2 in state-of-the-states list

President Barack Obama on Tuesday likely will follow tradition and announce in his State of the Union address that America is "strong." But Politico explored the state of each state – and the publication says Minnesota ranks second strongest.

Minnesota home to one of the nation's Top 10 sports bars

USA Today has a new ranking of the nation's Top 10 sports bars, and there's one in Minnesota: Bar 508 in downtown Minneapolis. The newspaper praises 508 for its craft brews and for fancy bar food. It even is an after-work gathering spot for BringMeTheNews staffers on some Friday afternoons.

New lottery game allows players to go for 'All or Northing'

A new lottery game set to debut on Tuesday might create some hope for Minnesota gamblers who struggle to pick winning numbers. "All or Nothing" has players choose 12 numbers from a pool of 24. If they select all of the chosen numbers, or none of them, they win $100,000.

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