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Pizzeria owner, other Minnesotans invited to State of the Union speech

Punch Pizza founder and co-owner John Soranno and employee Nick Chute will be guests of First Lady Michelle Obama during President Obama's State of the Union speech Tuesday night.

Lost Canadian snowmobilers survive night in frigid cold, turn up in Minnesota

A young Canadian couple managed to survive life-threatening conditions in the Northwoods after their snowmobile broke down Sunday.

Fargo TV news reporter almost off the hook for school trespassing

A Fargo school district decided not to press charges against a TV reporter after she illegally entered an elementary school for a news story.

Winter glossary: Umbles, sun dogs, ground blizzard and more

As record-setting weather continues to be the dominant topic of conversation, you’ll want to be well-versed on newly used – terms to describe it.

Only California sending more Olympians to Sochi than Minnesota

The U.S. is sending a record 230 athletes to Russia for the Olympics, 19 of which are Minnesotans.

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