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The 5 at 5 you need to read


Hospital treats 27 from Springfield school, carbon monoxide suspected

Twenty-seven people including some children from a Springfield, Minnesota, school were taken to the hospital on Thursday.

'Biggest Loser' sidesteps weight-loss critics; her trainer responds

The trainer of the winner of "The Biggest Loser" is responding to critics who said Minnesota native Rachel Frederickson lost too much weight on the NBC reality show.

After fire, restaurant owner pays idled workers to keep team together

Workers at a Wendy's in Duluth are getting paid even though they haven't flipped a burger or punched a clock since mid-January. The workers were displaced by a fire, but they have continued to collect paychecks while the space is being repaired.

Xcel suit: Manufacturer concealed defect that caused costly accident

Xcel Energy is suing the manufacturer of a turbine that was damaged in a costly incident at its Sherco plant in Becker. The Star Tribune reported the malfunction led to an expensive and time-consuming repair job at the coal-fired power plant.

Minnesota newlyweds beg for a return of stolen wedding photos

A pair of Minnesota newlyweds are pleading for the return of their photographer's stoled SD card that contains their wedding photos. Erin and Justin Voss are scrambling for help after a thief stole their photographer's purse.

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