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Heavy snow load takes toll on roofs around the region

The weight of the most recent winter snowstorm is straining roofs for businesses and homes. Several stores at a mall in Duluth are closed indefinitely because of a weak roof. Roofs have collapsed in several communities in the area, and businesses that handle residential snow removal have been swamped with calls.

Salmonella outbreak sickens diners at Old Country Buffet

A boy was hospitalized and at least 22 other people were sickened by salmonella after eating at the Old Country Buffet in Maple Grove last month. The outbreak is being investigated by the Minnesota Health Department and Hennepin County.

Mom of boy who died by suicide won't support anti-bullying bill

The mother of a boy who committed suicide after being bullied is speaking out against an anti-bullying bill, which will be up for debate in the Minnesota legislative session. Kathy Trosvik of Fridley said the bill falls short of protecting kids who are bullied, and would not have prevented her son from killing himself in 2006 at the age of 12.

Border battle: Are Wisconsin's roads in better shape than Minnesota's?

It's been a topic of conversation among motorists in the last few days. Some drivers say the Badger state seems to have clearer roads. There are a couple of reasons why, and one of them has to do with cheese.

Jerry Kill: I'm 'getting paid way too much'

Just two days after receiving a one-year contract extension and a nearly $1 million raise, Minnesota Golden Gophers football head coach Jerry Kill says he’s “getting paid way too much." Kill will earn $2.1 million for the next football season.

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